Sep 2, 2010




My mom is also a sister.

Aunt Lynda, the red head.
My mom, Wanda, the raven-haired.
Aunt Becki the typical youngest – a blonde.

Despite the Witches of Eastwick diversity in the tresses department, they are all from the same father, not the postman, the milkman or the er.. bakerman? Or, at least that's our grandma's story, and she's sticking to it.


Don't they just look like you walked in on something "between sisters." Don't they also look like they're all texting? Then I realized they are playing cards. Sigh.

I tend to gravitate to pictures of them from the seventies and early eighties, because they are the age that Kathleen and I are now. And it endlessly intrigues me. Their hair and clothes, yes, but also wondering what they were going through. Their flaws that just make them prettier and even more interesting.

But the reason I decided to extrapolate on the mom post, is because today my Aunt Lynda sent me this email:

I probably should put this as a comment on the blog - but it's too long. I loved your blog about Mom/Me. One of the things you probably wouldn't have great insight on is what a wonderful sister she is. What I really want to say as a comment....


Becki and I laugh about this all the time and come up with inside jokes because our lives have had so much drama and things just didn't turn out for us in the perfect way they did for our perfect sister, for example:

1. "I think I'll get pregnant next Tuesday." She got pregnant on the day she wanted. She had the baby (you) so fast that it didn't even hurt (much). Nobody has a perfect delivery like that...except Wanda.

I had to wait until I was 35 to have a living baby...suffered greatly, the baby was in NICU for 7 days....not so perfect. But guess who was there to support me for the C-section and the first few days...Of course, the perfect sister Wanda!!! And she really did help me get through such a scary time.

2. HER LEGS. She has legs like a race horse (and arms) and not even being almost 60 has had any effect on those muscular beautiful lean legs.

3. The last thing I want to say is something else you might not know....when we were growing up and somebody would ask Wanda what she wanted to be when she grew up (this was until she graduated from high school)...she always said A MOTHER. I knew she meant it. Your blog tells the story of a young girl who grew up to be exactly what she always wanted to be and who does it so well - a mother....oh, and a grandmother.

It makes me really happy that I have a perfect sister. I hope she never has sickness (like me)...or has to be unhappy or suffer for any reason. I want my life to have one little perfect sister who is perfect, loving and smart.


P.S. Becki has a great idea for another blog subject...."The Thomas Big Head"

Yes, we have really big heads. Thanks Aunt Becki (truly the ultimate younger sister and where Kathleen surely got her irreverent spirit).

As for Aunt Lynda (the oldest and somehow a kindred spirit to me in that way) I could go on and on about the ways our folksinger-pianist-organist-artist-whipsmart-eloquentlyspoken-beautiful Aunt Lynda has influenced us as a super creative figure in our lives – but at this moment I only have one thing to say:

How come Kathleen doesn't write letters like that about me?


  1. This makes me really curious (and sort of scared)to see how a letter like this from one of my sisters would sound!

  2. I'm not sure the Big Head thing came from me. Could I be the scapegoat since I'm the youngest?

  3. I know, Aunt Becki, honestly I'm surprised that you didn't suggest a future post about you guys' backsides, which you were constantly telling us we inherited, and carried your maiden names in the title... "The Blackmon Butt"

  4. Oh, I LOVE Lynda!! She is more of an Aunt to me than my real Aunts! I've loved her my whole life and can't imagine a better person to take on the role of "Beach Lynda"!

    ~Allison @ House of Hepworths

    (Barbara's daughter)

  5. Hey Barbara daughter! I think we actually took a beach vacation together when we were little all together. Yes, Lynda is great. Great. Great.