My Fake Food

I love fake food.  I don't really display it or have tons of it.  But that's mostly because a.) my house is less than 1,200 square feet and b.) people will think I'm a freak.  Okay, mostly a.) is the only relevant reason I suppose.


Burger Condiment Caddy. Garage sale.

I think I first developed my thing for fake food when my mom and my aunt used to take us kids to model homes in new suburb developments. Like, for fun.

We'd explore these houses and I was just obsessed with all the little scenes that were created in each room.  Sports equipment carefully crafted to look sloppily thrown on "the teenage boy's" bed, a pink journal open lying next to a menagerie of stuffed animals in the "little sister's" room. But most of all, the food.  Plates of plastic fried chicken on the dining room table with green peas, mashed potatoes and milk.  A dish of ice cream in the den next to the cardboard TV remote.  If there was a fake sandwich in the teen boy's room next to his lacrosse stick, with a fake... wait for it... bite out of it, oh my god, I went bonkers.  So while other people came in and out talking about the built-ins or the jack-and-jill connecting bathroom, I just stood there transfixed, consuming every detail of the fake food with my eyes.

And no, I don't have an eating disorder.  I don't think. Unless this qualifies... which it might.


Plastic Pizza Serving Plate. Got at a Kroger's in Atlanta while I was picking up hotel snacks on a business trip.



Wooden Pizza. (Melissa & Doug at Target)  Got from Kathleen on Christmas. 


Crochet Veggies.  Got from Kathleen for... birthday?  She got on Etsy (I will ask her from who).




Trophy Produce by Megan Raley. Picked up at The Girlie Show.


Rubbery donuts from a Simpsons game that's like Spoons, where you use donuts instead of Spoons. I've lost the game but kept the donuts. They are strangely satisfying to bite.


Even though these pretzels are the real deal, that glass ziploc baggie, is, well a glass ziploc baggie. My husband got it for me at Uncommon Goods for my last birthday.

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  1. I found the crochet veggies in a toy store in Taos on my honeymoon - they were a thank you gift for putting all the real food together for the wedding.