Jul 26, 2010

My Sister Is A Hipster


This is my sister Kathleen. She's either incredibly ahead of the curve, or just eternally impatient for the next thing. I think it's a mix of both that makes her do things like, oh, I don't know... paint giant black and white stripes in her hallway.


And then everyone goes bonkers and just has to have giant black and white stripes in their hallways.


She's an art director turned freelance vintage/modern invitation designer and an on-her-way-to-being-sort-of-a-big-deal blogger.

The Kathleen List:

But in the twenty-eight years I've known her she's also been:

1. a constantly topless crazy-hair tomboy (age 3)

2. a blonde side ponytail, bow head, track suit preppy (age 7)

3. a grungy Doc Marten, plaid shirt, thrift-store urchin (age 11)

4. a dreadlocked (okay, half-assed, failed dreadlocked) hippie wannabe (age 14)

5. an indie, red-hair, artsy, knitting, 60's yellow VW bug-driving, earth-muffiny waif (age 20)

6. a straight-ironed, raven-hair, vespa-riding, rock-n-roll rollergirl (age 25)

7. and now a wavy-hair, local-sustainable-square-foot-gardening foodie, with a lacy-layeredy-boyfriend-jean aesthetic and a style perspective that pervades everything from her clothes, to her home, to her food, to her... well, her hair products (which, as you may have noticed, her hair could have it's very own independent chronology).


Her blog, Jeremy & Kathleen (oh right, there's a hubby in this picture, I just didn't have room to list him with all the hair descriptions and what not), is where you can see what she's wearing today.


And you can also see what she's cooking, growing and designing. It truly is impossibly cool.

And though I play the grounded, grain-of-salt older sister to her eternal wild child...


... I "impossibly" couldn't love her more.

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  1. I love it! So excited to read more.

  2. Thanks Ashley... my first-follower-who's-not-related-to-me! I'm excited that you're excited.

  3. Aw. How lucky you two are to have each other.

    Good thing Kathleen outgrew the shirtless thing. Wait. She did outgrow the topless thing, right?


  4. Only because being topless at 4 years old is cute. Topless at 24 years old is just tacky.

    And, yes, we are lucky to have each other.