Sep 26, 2010

Kathleen Gets "Carried" Away

Every Saturday our family hangs out at my parents' house. We lounge around, snack, visit, watch the kids play, sometimes get our act together enough to go shopping or go to an afternoon movie. When the weather's nice my dad will barbeque and we'll do our lounging in the back yard.


And then my younger sister Kathleen will make her entrance.


This is an outfit she spontaneously fashioned back in my parents' bedroom. No one is really phased.


Even when she starts to pretend she's puking.

Apparently this is a reenactment of a scene where Carrie Bradshaw starts throwing up on the beach because Mr. Big got married to someone else while he was in Paris.


Let me back up a little here.

The Sex and The City dramatics all began just a few moments earlier when we were leafing through one of our leftover family vacation beach reads my mom had lying around. This "book" actually highlights every single Carrie outfit from the Sex And The City movie and all the behind-the-scenes wardrobe wrangling and assembling it took to construct each one.

Don't judge. You know you want that book, too.

The problem is that this is where Kathleen starts to get all, "ugh... why can't I be Carrie?" This spread in particular got her especially riled up. At one point she got so worked up she shouted out "mom, can you fashion me a headdress like this!?" at which point my mom ignored her, as she was preoccupied baking brownies, and Kathleen stomped off to the back room for about twenty minutes.


Then she came out like this.



Anatomy of Pretending Like Your Sarah Jessica Parker

Headdress: Kathleen's Belt & One of Mom's Scarves

Sunglasses: Mine, Which Kathleen Swiped Out of My Bag

Necklace: A Stuffed Chicken Wind Chime From The Kitchen Wall

Dress: A Wrap Donny's Girlfriend Sent Our Mom All The Way From India, Which Kathleen Has Already Tried to Steal At Least Once


What? What does your family do on Saturday?


  1. LOVE this! I had no idea Kathleen was a drama queen! haha. wow this cracks me up :)
    I especially love the first picture where she is being ignored [minus the camera of course ;)].


  2. I love your blog. I laughed a lot during this particular post.

  3. This is hilarious.... What is this book?

  4. Great post! So... Fine. I admit it. I would love to have that book too. So... Does it really exist? And what is the title so I can hunt one down? (Puh-leeeeese!)

  5. I would literally kill to be part of your family.

  6. Okay, so I knew you guys would love this post. Kathleen is such a crowd-pleaser, right?

    The book, is called Sex and The City 2: The Stories. The Fashion. The Adventure.

    Kathleen and I are always irritated when people say they love SATC but hate the movies. Come on? I know (especially the second one) isn't exactly the same... but you still get to watch SJP prance around for 2 hours. What's not to love?

    This book, which is sort of coffee-table style, is incredibly gratifying. Actually more so than the movie. Soooo fun to read.

  7. The best part of this day was when I changed back into my ordinary clothes and Charlie (my nephew photographed) sarcastically asks "Where's your pretty pretty dress? And what's with your jeans? And why are you always wearing them?" So I obviously wasn't being COMPLETELY ignored.