Sep 20, 2010

Fair Is In The Air



Tonight we said poo-pooh to Monday mexican night and homework and baths and crappy Monday night television (although we still have to watch Sunday night's Mad Men which we sometimes save to watch on Monday, like consolation candy for getting through... well, Monday.)

Instead, just on a lark, we decided to go to "the great state fair of... Oklahoma!" (That's like a jingle, see.)

I used to hate the fair. Ugh. So tacky. Bleh. So seedy. Phew. So stinky.

But now I love it. Especially at dusk. With our kids all wide-eyed, like what the heck kind of crazy place did you drag us to? And can I have a stupid useless giant balloon hammer? Yes! And can I have cotton candy? You bet! And are we really going to walk into that ginormous inflated monster mouth?


Most definitely.

And now that everyone has been disinfected, all stickness (well, most stickness) mopped off faces and fingers and tired little brows, and tucked into beds along with their stupid, useless balloon hammers, it's fair to say that this Monday...

was more than just fair.


  1. What was in the monster mouth?? I wanted to go in but didn't want to pay.

  2. Just a maze of inflated gut-like hallways. With a few highlights. Like a big inflated beating heart. His stomach with a stuffed banana hanging there. And then as he "poops" you out his small intestines it makes farty noises. Pretty lame. But fun with Charlie because he was kind of scared. Is that weird that I get a thrill out of him being scared? What's that disorder when parents make their kids sick so they can be needed?

  3. Yes. That's what I have. But scaring them vs. making them sick.