Sep 9, 2010

Sam Mustache

My favorite mustached man? Sam Mustache.


That's what we always call him, at least. But his actual name is Sam Eliot. Sigh. Love him.

Lots of people know him from The Big Lebowski, but I always prefer him in a good western, like Tombstone. If not in a cowboy hat, then in that solid eighties classic, Mask. Not to be confused with The Mask. No, Mask as in the Rocky Dennis story. Oh man, as Cher's carnie biker boyfriend. I think he like, operates the Tilt-A-Whirl, but he's so cool and understanding with her son, Rocky, played by Eric Stoltz who has this horribly disfiguring disease. So, he's like the Tilt-A-Whirl operating biker with the heart of gold. And tight jeans. And a tight black t-shirt. And feathered salt-n-pepper hair. And... that mustache.

On a side note, one time Kathleen and I went to Cher's, like second farewell concert. About two-thirds into the show she had to break for her fiftieth costume change, which apparently was so complex she couldn't do it behind some scrim in the center of the stage clouded by a bunch of fog and lycra-clad dancers... so she goes backstage, or under the stage, and as filler had this montage of all the movies she's had a role in play on these huge screens. Moonstruck, Witches of Eastwick, etc... then a scene came up from Mask with Sam Eliot, and Kathleen and I both screamed, "Sam Mustache!" We got weird looks. At a Cher concert!? Really? I mean I can understand the dirty looks for screaming at Brian Boytano during Celebrities on Ice, but if you can't fly your freak flag at a Cher concert, where can you?

I also call him Sam Mustache because I'm constantly confusing his name with Sam Shepherd and Sam Neil. Both good actors. Neither one with a mustache.