Sep 6, 2010

Mustache Weekend



If Labor Day weekend just wasn't enough excitement for you, this coming Saturday is the 3rd Annual Coney Island Beard and Mustache Competition. It's a show that Donny has started producing every year.

This year I designed the poster for him. My inspiration was a combination of that crazy ringmaster in Moulin Rouge, Daniel Day Lewis (as Cat In The Hat) in Gangs of New York... and the Pringles chips can guy.

I though about doing a design based on this vintage mug, which I got for Donny for Christmas a year or so back, but the delivery was late and he had already flown back to New York... so I kept it. I like it because it says "Your Father's Mustache."

It's awesome having a dad with a mustache your whole life, because any time you draw a picture of your family in grade school or whatever, it really makes for some instant visual impact. Nothing translates as "dad" like a good ol' squiggly black crayon mustache.

Dad and Donny in front of Sylvia's soul food restaurant in Harlem, one block away from one of Donny's first NY apartments.

These days it's a little gray. But that's okay, Donny can carry on the tradition.


  1. When I was three, my dad brought me a mustache from a business trip, and I refused to take it off for weeks. I have cute pictures of that little obsession. We have a family photo at the SD zoo where we are all wearing mustaches!

  2. Daniel Day Lewis is absolutely dreamy in Gangs of New York. Anytime you want to design a pillow case inspired by him feel free to ship it directly to my home.

  3. Who doesn't love mustaches Maggie May!? Especially fake ones.

    And, Ashley, I concur. That whole movie is worth just the opening scene where Daniel Day is standing in the snow right before the brawl. I luuuurrvvvv that part. Never thought about a pillow case, though... we're going to make a fortune!! I'll split it with ya.