Aug 1, 2010

Road Trip


Our family certainly loves a good trip.

Natural Bridge Caverns, New Braunfels, TX

At just four days, this was a down and dirty little getaway. Way, way, down, that is... as one of our first stops was the Natural Bridge Caverns.

I took this picture with my iPhone, by the way. Not too shabby. Especially since it's the old apparently-now-crappy model, because for some reason everyone in my life (uh, including my mom?) has the new iPhone.


These caverns are thousands and thousands of years old. Maybe millions.


But the displays in the visitor center are definitely, gloriously mid-century. Is that typography straight out of a Wes Anderson movie, or what?

In fact, I would probably know whether the caverns were thousands or millions of years old, if I actually read the signage instead of drooling over it. (My prehistory-buff-of-a-husband is probably cringing at my geological idiocy.)


No cringing allowed. This is pure Americana. No visit to the caverns is complete without posing atop "Grendel."

My brother Donny, sister Kathleen and "Baby Grendel" circa 1987.

It's a family tradition in fact.


Wildseed Farms, Fredericksburg, TX

Next stop in Texas hill country?


The Fredericksburg Bakery, home of the Sweet German Pretzel.

Fredericksburg. It's a quaint little German town. Which means lots of pastries.


Red, my favorite new vintage/modern shop in Fredericksburg

And shopping.


I bought these whimsical shadowbox wall hangings.


Swiss Miss needed to stretch her legs. At seven hours 'til home... I can relate.


  1. I'm obsessed with those shadow boxes. You don't have room in your house for them. Give them to me!

  2. I have already found a very small strip of wall in our very small computer nook that had some vegetable seed art packet hangings that I had since given to goodwill, but the nails were still there, so bam! They will not be moving to your house.