Aug 25, 2010

One Fish. Two Fish.



A coworker was telling me how rad and b-movie-delightful the 3D remake of Piranha was at the movies this past weekend. It made me almost regret having gone to see my Saturday matinee choice, Eat. Purge. Love. I mean Eat. Pray. Love, of course. Although, I did relish in all the locales and the outfits. I know that was not the point of the movie, but I did buy a cute bohemian top not but twenty-four hours later.

So, we're not really a taxidermy type family. For some reason the fish never really counted in my mind, unlike going to a friends' house and seeing, say a deer head stuffed and mounted on the wall.

That being said, two things have influenced taxidermy making it's way (if only just in random small ways) into our family's realm of possessions over the past few years:

1.) It's kind of trendy in a rustic mod sort of way – i.e., antlers as jewelry caddies and cow hides as throw rugs; and

2.) Ebay – my dad just can't seem to resist ordering a python forever frozen coiling it's way out of an Indian basket or a frog fashioned into a coin-purse... and then giving it to one of us kids for Christmas.

Okay, maybe we are a taxidermy family after all, because I keep thinking of examples of it that we have lying around.

Um... we don't wear fur? Does that redeem us? Well, except when we're dressing up all Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (a family-wide cinematic favorite). A good fur grandma stole always comes in handy then... like wrapped around your head... with an eye patch... and a single worn baby-shoe dangling from your belt... next to the frog coin purse.

This may deserve a future post. Or perhaps a humane society intervention.


  1. I'm forever jealous of your taxidermied bat.

    And Piranha 3D seems like the perfect kind of movie for a 3rd Degree Creative outing...

  2. Oh... I completely forgot about that bat. Man, we're about one step away from Texas Chainsaw Massacre household. Geez.

    Maybe Piranha 3D will already be on DVD by Halloween and we can all watch it in the diner?!