Aug 20, 2010

Pink. Popcorn. Pig.








Here's to a rosy weekend.

For our family that means spending Saturday at our parents' house. There's sometimes donuts from the store, sometimes not... but always some sort of sweets (usually rice krispy treats or brownies). Kathleen and I devour at least two if not, er, four by the end of the day. It's not uncommon for our dad to barbeque (like he will be this weekend), and if there's a good afternoon matinee playing at the movie theatre, we're totally there.

Sundays are fine and all. But they always seem a little bittersweet and unsatisfying. Maybe it's because they touch Monday. Maybe because there's not enough structure... no beginning, middle or end, just sort of a long sprawl... this mish-mash of leisure and chores and lazing about.

But Saturday is just pure, untainted – happy.

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  1. I have to admit, Vanessa, I kind of stole that "touching Monday" line from Meg Ryan in "Kate & Leopold" which is a horrible movie, which I never even sat all the way through... but that line completely struck me as a life truism.