Aug 17, 2010

How Did This Blog Get So Sexy?


After posting about Kathleen's crush, Alan Cumming, I had to dig up this photo of Donny. We dressed him up as the Alan-version-emcee from Cabaret one year.

Who made the suspender get-up? Our mom, of course.


But our obsession with the Emcee was replaced a year or so later by John Cameron Mitchell's star gender-bender rocker from the musical, Hedwig And The Angry Inch.


So Kathleen and I broke out the stage makeup (again) to doll Donny up as Hedwig.


Check out the eerie similarities in these two outfits.

Um. Perhaps abducting Donny as a baby and dragging him screaming into my bedroom where I would lock the door and dress him up, did screw him up after all.


My best friend, Jennifer, was a ballet major in college. We were roommates, and she would give me a lot of her castoff stage makeup. I still use it 'til this day. It was high-quality stuff, man. And it has graced the faces of my siblings, my children and actually probably a few of my coworkers. I'm sort of the go-to costume supplier for any occasion. I can't sew like my mom, but I curate my collection of wigs, fake mustaches, pirate eye-patches and fishnets very well.

Honestly, Donny has probably worn a lot less stage makeup now that he has gotten away from his sisters and is now solidly entrenched among legitimate stage-freaks at Coney Island.

Ah, but like the hair on Donny's head, we still have our memories.

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