Feb 2, 2011

Snowed In. Sea Monkeys.



Do you think Sea Monkey's get cabin fever? Because they really seem to just keep their cool.



We, however, do not. Sam pictured in chilled repose above, is not what I would really call an accurate representation of our second snow day – which included my two boys acting like pent up monkeys of a breed other than the kind that come freeze dried in a little pouch.

I could probably learn from the Sea Monkeys though, and go with the flow a little better. Let's just say my throat is not hoarse from the cold, but from the mom-yelling. And our bed (and the rest of our house) no longer even remotely resemble being "made."


But it sure looks cozy in retrospect. Maybe I'll go make the bed (for the fourth time) and we'll start snowed-in day three, fresh. Plus, I'm sure my vocal chords will have recovered a bit by then.


  1. It certainly is. Which is probably why we can't get our kids out of it. But... they're pretty cozy, too. When they're not being crazy monkeys, that is.

  2. fellow FTLOBlogger. Glad to see Donny Vomit has a twirlyvillain mustache. Always enjoyed his shows.

    You've got some great stuff here.

  3. Your bedroom does look cozy. I could use a damn nap.

  4. I can confirm that no bed is more cozy and no sandwich is more tasty than the ones that Tara makes.