Feb 3, 2011

Pizza House Revisited


So it's sort of become a snow-day tradition to walk down my street to Pizza House.







Correction, a Charlie and Tara tradition.

Our street always looks so picturesque in the snow. And Charlie and I are the only ones walking down it. That is, until we get to the end of our quiet street to a very busy, bustling intersection, and hand-in-hand hop across the slush, watch out for the sluggish not-used-to-snow cars, avert past the shady-looking characters getting their cigarettes and liquor from the corner store, and watch cars spinning their wheels, swerving about and getting pushed through intersections by the surprisingly good-samaritan-ish but still shady characters... until we hop to the other side like the little Froggers we are to the steamy, friendly, seedy Pizza House.


These series of photos are actually from our big snow last year.


And these are from this year's snow. Charlie is a little older. Our driveway is a little clearer (not because of less snow, but because I was a total badass and shoveled the whole freakin' thing. Chris couldn't believe it!)


And I was a little less well-accessorized.


Perhaps because a certain little sister borrowed my favorite Helly Hansen hat for her fabulous blog convention. Hmmph. I'm sure it enjoyed the Sundance Film Festival more than a trip to Pizza House.


But, I don't know. It could be a toss-up.

For a long time Charlie used to think that all neon "open" signs actually said "pizza." I think because we drive by Pizza House every day on the way home. I realized this when a summer or so ago, after driving nine hours to our beach condo vacation destination, the condo office had a neon "open" sign in the window, and Charlie said, "oh, great they have pizza!"


This is when Charlie got excited and asked if he could climb up on this pile of shoveled snow and take an Everest picture. Kathleen's fabulousness is not lost on Charlie.


I don't really know if this exactly captures the traditional mountaineers pose. But for reaching the summit of a snow-day Pizza House expedition? It's a classic.


  1. That last picture is so adorable!! And now I'm salivating for some pizza. Might have to make that happen now that the snow is back.

  2. Charlie has gotten especially "posey" lately. It's almost impossible to get a natural shot of him like I did last year.

  3. And they have GYRO PASTA! Now that's a combination I can get behind.

    Sorry, I'm just gleeful because it's finally almost the weekend. When you get older, it's the little shit.

  4. Astute observation SB. We actually ordered a Gyro for my husband (hold the pasta). I am a Pizza House purist and will only order the pizza. When you get older you also have to stick to your principles.