Feb 24, 2011

Snack Time



I love fake food. Even though these pretzels are the real deal, that glass ziploc baggie, is, well a glass ziploc baggie. My husband got it for me at Uncommon Goods for my last birthday. It's so funny. It's especially fitting because I am constantly using ziploc baggies for everything: the separated components of my to-go morning breakfast, my carrots and crackers and lunch snacks, saftey pins in my drawer, bobby pins and jewelry when I travel, all the dangerous horrible 3oz-or-under liquids when I go through the airport, diaper wipes, my kid's iTouches when I drop them in their overnight grandma bag, and the list goes on and on. I am basically killing the planet with my ziploc baggie consumption.

It also reminds me of our favorite things to snack on when we were kids. Especially during our latch-key years. That Lord of The Flies, anything goes, no parents around, 4:00pm to 6:00pm golden time when you really get to nosh on whatever you fancy. Some of our favorites were:

1. barbeque potato chips
2. Cheetos
3. brownies
4. nachos that we made by slicing block cheese and heating in the toaster oven on Tostidos
5. Oreos (especially Kathleen)
6. string cheese
7. Nacho Cheese Doritos
8. mini pizza rolls (I think that was only Donny)
9. Carl Buddig Turkey sandwiches (that really super thin papery kind)
10. white bread by itself (I liked to tear it in little strips like string cheese)

This was before high-fructose corn syrup was evil and when vegetarian (for Kathleen) just meant eating cheese and chips.

This site also has pewter saltine crackers that I got Donny for Christmas one year. Perfect pocket size. Now if they only made pewter mini pizza rolls.


  1. I LOVE that jar. And snack time is my favorite time of day. Literally the entire morning is just a build up for my 3:30 trip to the kitchen at work. SNAAAACKS!!

  2. My mom totally washes her ziplocs, this would be a great gift for her!

  3. I can just hear you roaring SNACKKKS! Ashley.

    And hey, Old Lady, that's so funny 'cause on of my coworkers always shames me because I don't reuse my ziplocs. Argh. I just can't fit that into my life.

  4. Aaaaahhhhh. Le Sigh. Carl Buddig Turkey...and ham, too! Put in my cheeks like a carnivorous chipmunk and squeeze. Salty goodness through my teeth.

    Your blog makes me happy. Thanks.

  5. Yes. Mmm. Carl Buddig. I read in one of those Eat This Not That books, that it's actually the worst of the lunch meats as far as fat, calories, sodium, etc.... Which was surprising because it's so thin. But not surprising, since it was my favorite. Of course.