Jan 30, 2011

Donny's Girl + Friend

Photo by Bill Steber. Takes the best Coney Island photos.

Meet Heather Holliday.

Not to be mistaken as Donny's girlfriend, as she often is. An understandable assumption since oohh, I don't know, Donny lets her throw knives between his legs and whip cigarettes out of his mouth.

Heather and Donny have been performing together (and looking out for each other) from Coney to across the country pretty much since Donny moved to New York. Heather was super-young, super-shy and starting her path as well – playing the doe-eyed and modestly frilly-frocked sideshow equivalent of a magician's assistant.

But just like Donny came into his own about the same time he grew his trademark whiskers, Heather got all grown up as well. The biggest reason – she can swallow swords now. The second reason, her frilly frocks have gotten a little more "hotsy totsy" as Donny would say (as Donny would say and teach my six-year-old to say.)

Now that Heather's down-right dangerous her and Donny strike an awful smoking pose, watch them perform here. But even though Donny's always been a little shy with real life girls, he's never had a problem sidling up to a bombshell for a photo op.



Hmmm. Guess where he learned that from?

And one guess who has that picture of Donny and Heather already framed and front-and-center on his office desk?

Actually, Dad has Donny's business card strategically wedged in the frame to cover up Heathers, er, assets. He works for a state agency. But apparently doesn't think Disney World circa 1989 has a problem with a little innocent groping.

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  1. Ha! That picture of your dad made me laugh out loud. Those Tyler, TX boys sure are pervy.