Jan 29, 2011

Black Sheep. Black Banana.



Black Sheep.

Found this retro 70's looking yarn-crafted sheep art at an antique store and hung it in our first baby nursery. Now it's in our bedroom. Note how the black sheep refuses to face forward.


Black Banana.

It's Saturday morning and about to head to my parents house to hang out with the family. Mom's already informed me she's making banana bread. We tend to get on banana bread kicks every once in a blue moon. Translation: I want banana bread, Mom makes it. Then she just keeps making it 'til we all get sick of it.

This time the trend spread to my Aunt Lynda who lives near Austin. She told my mom on the phone last week that she was seriously craving banana bread, but none of her bananas were ripe enough. Until, that is, she found like this seriously black, like 100% black banana accidentally hidden away.

So she mashed it up with the kind-of-overripe-but-not-great bananas, and apparently it was like pure banana extract. It made her banana bread like banana bread crack. Thus, Uncle Pete got hooked and couldn't stop thinking about the black banana bread.

Fast forward a couple days. Uncle Pete goes to visit some friends for the day in the beautiful scenic Hill Country of Texas. Sees that they have this disgusting black banana in the banana bowl that they are about to throw away and asks if he can have it. Comes back at the end of the evening with a sly look on his face and his hands behind his back, and then proudly "presents" this black banana to Aunt Lynda.

She's like all breathless and excited "ahhh, you brought me a black banana" and then promptly whipped up another loaf of what is now apparently the banana bread of the gods.

By the way, unlike Kathleen, this is the closest I get to writing a cooking/baking post. And it's about other people cooking/baking for me. My specialty is literally tomato soup and grilled cheese. And probably some twisted reason why I like fake food.

Just call me the black sheep of the family kitchen.

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