Nov 3, 2010

A Tale Of Two Trips



Expedition Everest attraction at Disney World's Animal Kingdom and the Anandapur soft serve ice cream truck that rests in it's shadows, complete with faux rust and flat tires. No detail is squandered on me at Disney. I should also note, this was my sisters' favorite ride at Disney a couple years ago. She can embrace "the fake"too, ya'll.

So I recently returned from a four day trip to Disney World. My sister Kathleen's recent Everest Base Camp trek which actually overlapped my trip, was a bit longer, a whole lot more authentic and, in true Kathleen fashion, loads more dramatic.

The biggest similarity between my recent Everest adventure and my sister's? Lots of walking.

The biggest difference? Modern plumbing.



Our first trip to Disney. Can you feel the magic? Can you hear the whining? Can you see my bangs?

Actually, thanks mom and dad for taking us to Disney when we were kids. Lots of people tell me their parents always meant to take them.

My biggest take-away was being so inspired and in love with all the "imagineering" as they put it. I was specifically obsessed with the animatronics (you, know all the robot people on the rides). Forget digital, 3D, computer animated, I need to hear that pirate's gears whirring away, see the delay in his mechanical blinking eyelids. I have a thing for puppets, too, obviously. I go bonkers for It's a Small World and all those creepy moving dolls. Classic.

I'm guessing Kathleen never saw an animatronic yak on the way up that mountain. But I think she saw enough yaks on those twelve to fourteen days that she is now a lifetime authority.

Perhaps she can help "imagineer" one... with blinking eyelids and all.


  1. I still have never been to Disney World, just Disney Land, but it seems everyone in blogland is talking about it recently. I gotta get out there!!

  2. You guys should go. It's more fun BEFORE you have kids. It probably stands to reason the same holds true for going to Nepal.

  3. I love the damn ice cream bus. That's some psychedelic shit thar. When you hit 40, it's the little thangs. . . . Fuck Disney World, I want to take a ride on the magic bus!

  4. But if you buy a 4-day pass to the Magic Bus, you can enjoy the magic and save! (That's me trying to be sarcastic... Sarcastic B).