Nov 24, 2010

The Donny Show's Comin' To Town!





Actually, it's the Pretty Things Peep Show burlesque tour. And it's coming to Oklahoma City tonight at the Hi-Lo Club. Which means Donny's here!

What's doubly cool, is Donny's on the cover of the the Oklahoma Gazette. Okay, so my husband does all the covers for the Gazette, because it's like his job... but whatever. If we learn nothing from the Godfather it should be that family is family. Although brother-in-laws don't really fare too well in the Godfather and tend to end up "swimmin' with the fishes." So perhaps it's a double-edged sword.

Speaking of double-edged swords, Donny's girl pal, and sidekick Heather Holliday, is probably going to swallow one. Tonight. Not at Coney Island, but down the street. In the heart of the bible belt. Literally steps from my 'hood. Hooray!

"There is nothing like watching someone shoving 32 inches of solid steel down their throat 5 feet away from you... Being the host means being the person that serves as a connection to the audience and the world of the strange and bizarre... In the case of a burlesque show, the guy that introduces you to these gorgeous women doing amazing numbers... a classy presentation with only a small hint of dirty fun... It's this weird, wide world of vaudeville sideshow where there is drama, excitement, danger and sexiness. It's a different form of entertainment. Once audiences are exposed to it, they will keep coming back for more." [ -- Donny quoted in story ]


So of course me and Dad picked up a copy (or ten) at "Dad lunch" today.


Since Dad is like the social-media-expert-by-default at the state agency where he works (because he knows how to use Facebook and is addicted to his iPhone, basically) he's already working hard as Donny's digital content publicist. He art directed this shot with a coworker.

It's genetic compulsion, people. It may not be obvious at first glance. But it's sooooo coming from somewhere.


  1. That last picture of your dad is adorable. Also, I can't believe out of ALLL the nights of the year I'm out of town for this!!

  2. Every time I see that nail going into his head I cringe - but it just makes me want to see the show in person!

  3. You guys, the show was so great. Plus, Kathleen and I got way tipsy. So that was fun, too. If not slightly embarrassing.

  4. Ohh how sweet! I got to see your brother perform when i was in the states this year, i was super excited when he picked me to go onstage with him haha and i was to shy to tell him i read his sisters blog(s)!

  5. April! Yay! We sisters love it when someone tells our almost famous brother that they follow our blogs (well, mostly Kathleen's) but I'll take it! I'll take it!