Nov 30, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Came

Pretty Things Peep Show with Go Go Amy, Heather Holliday, and my dapper brother Donny Vomit.

Thanksgiving break at the Thomas household came and went. But it shall not be soon forgotten. I have just now recovered enough from the whole shebang to compose this post-thanks post.



The four day weekend started off with a bang, that's for sure, and not in the typical pilgrims and indians kind of way. But it was bountiful to say the least, with the freakin' strongest vodka tonics I have ever had in my life (thank you Hi-Lo Club), the Pretty Things Peep show unfolding before my eyes (we were smack dab stage-right through the whole thing), and Donny's showmanship on full display. It wasn't the only thing on full display, as scantily clad and scantily cladder was basically the whole point of the event. It was burlesque after all. But nothing to blush about. All very innocent. Or perhaps that was just the vodka tonics erasing all prudence from my older sister veneer.

I also kept getting all weepy. I was just so dang proud. And it was so cool standing right there in the wings, Kathleen and I side-by-side. Equally tipsy in our tonic-induced bliss. And just knowing that we loved Donny more than anyone in the room. Our glasses may have been quickly emptied, but our hearts were full. Our hearts were so full is the only way I can describe it.

Okay, enough of that mushy-mush.

The rest of the weekend was spent at our parents' house. Mom and Dad played host to the eight-person troupe, who got to spend some rare down-time from their cross-country tour (which they spend in a cramped but well-loved RV) doing laundry, taking showers, hooking up to dad's wifi and grazing on an endless buffet of Thanksgiving treats that my mom just kept cooking basically the entire 36 hours.

Picture if you will, a living room full of tattooed guys and gals, sitting criss-crossed in any nook or cranny, all in jeans and hoodies, no sequins, no feathers, no makeup, every one of them with an Apple laptop in their lap, tiny earbuds in their ears, noshing on no-bake cookies and turkey sandwiches, calling home to their parents or significant others they've left behind for the five week tour, and occasionally looking up to watch Donny, or me, or Jeremy or one of my little boys playing our dad's Xbox on his ginormous flatscreen TV.

And that was our Thanksgiving. It was surprisingly a very Thomas affair.


Kathleen in the wings at the Hi Lo Club, documenting, of course. All I had was my crappy old iPhone. But the pictures are kind of cool anyway. They look how I remember it. Hazy. This pic of Donny my dad just emailed me from his iPhone today. It was Donny and Sam (who Donny hasn't seen since he was just a baby) doing what us Thomas's do. Playing video games. In an armchair. And calling it quality time.

I was just glad to be with both my brother and sister.


  1. I'm glad you were all together. Loved the photos. Your family could be in a John Irving novel. I'm jealous.

  2. Maybe a movie interpretation of an Irving novel? "The World According to.... Vomit?" Thanks SB.

  3. I would like to be played by Chloe Sevigny or Kirsten Dunst. Just sayin'.