Nov 21, 2010

Harry vs. Ronald


So I am literally out the door on a Sunday morning, about to meet my mom at the movie theatre to watch Harry Potter (I don't remember the rest of the title... let's say... um... The Darkest Angstiest One Yet.)

My mom is the only nerd in my family I can get to go watch it with me. Except for Jeremy, my brother-in-law, but he's probably busy brunching on sustainable, organic, homemade fare with Kathleen as they reminisce over their Everest trip. (That, or he's playing Xbox.)

Sidenote, my mom can crush on a nerd about as easily as I can. In fact, this site that's been going around lately is pretty much right up my alley.

But what's funny is there are the so-called nerds that aren't really nerds at all, but just cute guys with plaid socks or a quirky sensibility. And then there are the real nerds. I think I walk a fine line between gravitating toward the latter.

For example.

A. The Office:
Jim or Dwight?

Jim is a nerd my-left-foot! Weirdly, I think Dwight is cuter. (I know, that one is really on the edge.)

B. The Old Saturday Night Live Guys:
Chevy Chase & Bill Murray or Dan Akroyd & Jim Belushi?

Chevy and Bill are players, through and through. They may have that goofy, rumpled guy charm. But they are leading men, have no doubt. But brainy Dan Akroyd is so loveable with that cigarette dangling out of his mouth in Ghostbusters. And Jim Belushi steals my heart every time he writhes around on the floor like Joe Cocker or dances his ass off in Blues Brothers. They are the real nerds.

I could literally go on and on.

But the question at hand before I run off to watch my Sunday matinee about the "Boy Who Lived" and his trusty carrot-top sidekick:

C. Harry or Ronald?

Harry's just too broody and romanticized to be a lovable nerd. That Weasley boy is gonna sneak up on ya'll. Mark my words.


But, Harry does have the ultimate nerd accessory going for him. Perhaps it's a draw.


  1. I WAS Playing Xbox! Wait... You SAW me playing Xbox, didn't you? I saw Texomatom playing Castle Crashers and Scott Pilgrim. We need to play that sometime. It's fun.

  2. BILL MURRAY by far. I haven't watched any of the Harry Potter movies, so I wouldn't be able to answer that one.

  3. Harry in the books and movies never had any attraction for me. HOWEVER - Ron's older brothers? Swoon. Just gotta love those bad boys with their clever sarcastic comments (and gingers are cute!)! Speaking of clever sarcasm... Chevy and Bill... yikes, at first I want to immediately say Chevy. He can make me weak in the knees. But BILL! oh Bill... I wouldn't be able to decide! Can I have them both?


  4. Yes, Ron's older brothers. I agree. And Chevy. And Bill. Agreement all around.