Oct 19, 2010

Mom's Busted Out The Miniatures

One of the first things our mom does for Halloween...


that is, after she puts out the witchy cookie jar...


and lets the grandkids decorate the spooky gingerbread house (okay, one grandkid, Charlie and Kathleen who isn't a kid, not that you can tell by her shoddy piping work)....



is set up the miniature haunted village. Mom actually lets me arrange it every year. One, because I'm the only one who doesn't lose patience with it, two, cause I'm a control freak, and three...


because Kathleen's too busy pretending that one of the figurines is her handbag. Because she's still wearing the remnants of her impromptu Carrie Bradshaw outfit. Which is what makes the bag make complete sense.

It was a busy Saturday that weekend, what can we say?


  1. For some reason Kathleen looks incredibly young there. Have you heard anything from her??

  2. amazing ;)

    if you want follow me <3

  3. Kathleen does look like she's about 16 in that photo.

    And, apparently has just completed shaking her booty for a bar full of Sherpas to "Empire State Of Mind."... so, yeah... she's doing okay.