Oct 15, 2010

A Little. Fright. Reading.

A Little.

The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey. Miniature little picture book I got years ago. Lots of little children meeting an early demise from everything from getting squashed by a train, to drinking to much gin.




Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark a collection by Alvin Schwartz, is one of the books I remember fighting to check out at the school library in elementary. Remember how you were always cool if you were the one with the hot book that everyone wanted, like Where The Sidewalk Ends? Just me? Hm. Anyhow, now I scare the crap out of my six-year old by reading it to him right before bedtime. "Where's my big tooooooeeeeee?" I pay for it later at 1:00 am, 2:00 am, 3:00 am... you get the drift.




The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. May I just say, that Kathleen, Donny and I had our zombie survival plan worked out a decade ago, before all this zombie craze reached a fever pitch. Usually we get turned off a trend once it gets too mainstream. But we could never turn on the undead. Or turn our back on them... cause then they'll chomp you right in the back of your neck. In the bony part where your head attaches to it and all.

One thing Max Brooks' guide made me think of that I never had before, is that zombies can live under water (cause they don't breathe.) So they could just come up out of the ocean to chomp on your bony parts. So, that kind of screws finding a secluded island to live on. Plus, Oklahoma is landlocked.... so, we probably need to update our plan. Perhaps when Donny visits for Christmas.


  1. omg scary stories to tell in the dark! totally remember that one... my sisters and i would fight over it. i still scare myself when i think of the story of the man with the hook scraping at the couples' car door! the cover art still gives me chills :O

  2. I was in love with Scary Stories in elemenary school as well! I was completely enthralled with the illustrations.

  3. The illustrations in Scary Stories are really, really good. They are by Stephen Gammell. They're scarier because they are black and white, but still so... drippy.

  4. i <3 him, too, but am embarrassed to say I just now had to ask my coworker what <3 means. LOL (Wait, does that mean "lots of luck?")

  5. I have that exact memory from elementary school! as a dweeb(even in the library!), I resorted to Mary Higgins Clark novels.

    Also, my fiance kind of soiled himself when I showed him the Rocketeer costume.

  6. Thanks S.Rocket! Yeah, I wasn't only teachers pet, I was the librarians pet, too. Like I would hang out in her office in between classes even sometimes and she'd give me cookies.

    And surprisingly enough, my husband gets some pretty dramatic responses to his Rocketeer getup, so soiling does not phase me.