Oct 30, 2010

Classic Costume



Always A Bride

Yesterday was my office costume party. We did classic Hollywood monsters, and everyone looked fantastic.

I have to say, going old school Bride of Frankenstein was really cool. Kathleen and I used to do "zombie brides" all the time in my parents front yard which is the Halloween epicenter of their neighborhood. But we kind of got burned out on cleaning off the rot makeup and picking all the dead leaves out of our hair every year, so we kind of got out of the habit.

So at first I was kind of ho-hum about gettin' on my get up. But about fifteen minutes into my makeup and hair I got excited.


She Works Hard For The Money

Nothing says nine-to-five corpse bride like a can of low sodium V8.

Thanks mom for helping me, yet again, whip together another awesome homemade costume at the eleventh hour.


  1. Great costume! I think I saw you when I was dropping my daughter off at St. Luke's. I was telling my husband later that day about the very cool Bride of Frankenstein costume I had seen. Imagine my surprise when that very bride showed up in my Google reader tonight!

  2. Happy Halloween to you guys, too!

    Shout out St. Luke's! Thank goodness my kids aren't old enough to be embarrassed by me yet, but my days are numbered.