Oct 13, 2010

My Husband Works for The Empire

Actually, he works as the art director for an alternative news weekly.



So, yeah... we apparently marry into freaky, too. Gotta keep those blood lines pure, right?



Sometimes this is what my living room rug looks like. Almost Buffalo Billish in a way, right?


Unless it's time to break out the Rocketeer costume. Chris' mom helped him make these gloves. Actually, both our moms are awesome sewers. Which really comes in handy when you want to... you know... whip up a super-detailed, over-the-top costume.


And Chris has got to have it down-to-the detail authentic. So when it comes to our kids costumes...



... they are no exception. Chris made this proton pack himself last year after Charlie discovered Ghostbusters. No store-bought, no way. Then the mom's both helped make the jumpsuits, including...


... the baby's. His proton pack was felt and squishy. We actually got him to answer the song "who you gonna call..." then you know the rest.


So, basically, we're passing down the freakdom, and we're passing it down young.

My husband was annoyed with the Rocketeer-in-front-of-the-linen-closet photo I chose to share in this post. Because, 1.) it was apparently was the "bad" helmet (yes, my husband has two Rocketeer helmets... and you're annoyed because your husband watches too much football, ah, well) and 2.) because it didn't show the rocket pack he made from a premolded form thingy that he detailed and finished (which is pretty cool).


Granted, I can't blame him for taking offense. I mean, any self-respecting Rocketeer has gotsta have his rocket pack.


  1. these are the coolest! homemade costumes are the best. i need to learn to sew so I can help my (eventual) kids out like my mom did us!

  2. I LOVED those ghostbuster costumes last year...so freakin adorable! I still remember how cute they were when Charlie grabbed Sam's hand...ugh.

    And my favorite of Chris' costumes is the Rocketeer--so legit.

  3. Kathleen, thanks! I need to learn to sew, too. My mother-in-law gave me a really nice sewing machine that has been collecting dust, since, ohhh... five Christmases ago. I just don't think I have room in my brain.

  4. Hallie, I loved those Ghostbusters costumes last year, too. I love that you remember Charlie grabbing Sam's hand like that vs. the memory I have that day when everyone brought they're costumed kids up to the agency, and Sam promptly pushed down the first toddler he saw in front of everybody.

  5. The costumes are awesome. All of them.