May 8, 2011

The Mom List


10 Things About My Mom:

1. She will do anything, ANYTHING, to park under the shade of a tree. We call her a shade whore.

2. She can whistle really, really loud by putting her fingers in the sides of her mouth. Like a sailor.

3. She is a lifelong reader. She reads at least four books a week if not more. It is one of the greatest things she taught me.

4. Her ears are not pierced and she rarely wears any jewelry or accessories at all. You would think Kathleen and I were changeling babies.

5. Her hair is crazy curly. That's how you can tell Kathleen and I are in fact her kin. That and the legs.

6. Dad told her that she had some damn fine legs for a 62 year old the other day. She said "I'm 60."

7. She has like twenty episodes of House Hunters International on her DVR list.

8. She cries all the time at movies and shows. Her "tell" is that she has to tilt up her glasses a little to wipe away the tears.

9. Her name is Wanda. Wanda Lee, actually.

10. She never, ever gets tired. She always just gives and gives. Like Shel Silverstein's dang Giving Tree. Granted, it got chopped down at the end. We'll just rewrite that ending.



Happy Mothers Day and Happy 60th Birthday (not 62 just yet) Mom!

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  1. Beautiful post, Tara. Happy Mother's Day to you as well. :)