May 18, 2011

Angry Bird Birthday Cakes




My two boys' birthdays are on the same week. So I've been doing these combo cakes the past couple years for them. This year I did Angry Birds cakes. I was so close to just doing two side-by-side iPhone cakes with all their little game apps as tiny square construction paper icons, but decided the birds were more of a crowd pleaser. The crowd being our family for our family-only party (surprise, surprise).

A couple of years ago Super Mario Brothers mushrooms.


But every year is something fun. I have no baking skills, these are all straight out of the box from a mix, two tubs of white icing, a ton of food coloring and a butter knife. But I just wing it. As did our mom growing up. We always had crazy (if not precisely executed) cakes, like:


flower cake (complete with fuzzy bees stuck in with wires)...


big pink lips (totally appetizing, right?)...


and one of my all time favorites Pizza Cake!

I remember the first time I followed in my mom's cake footsteps was for Donny's tenth birthday (so I was around thirteen or fourteen) and I helped make him a Freddy Krueger face cake from Nightmare on Elm Street for his sleepover party.

We made pinkish red icing for his skin, and then made it all squiggly and deteriorated, and then made it so he was holding one gloved hand up by his cheek and used strips of tin foil for his finger blades. It was so awesome. Alas I have no pictures of that one. But I promise to post it if it turns up some day.


In the meantime, I'll just have to save the disfigured serial killer face cakes for when my boys are a bit older. The Angry Birds are edgy enough for now.


  1. I love that the pizza is decorated with mom's favorite toppings - pepperoni and olives.

    Also... Your bangs in the pizza cake photo are fantastic. I think I need to replicate this look if my hair will cooperate.

  2. I know, we never would have eaten that pizza. Plain cheese, please.

    I totally think you should replicate the curly bangs.

  3. basically, those cakes are kick-bad. angry birds is such an addiction lately.


  4. I know, Ashely. Our dad played the Angry Bird themesong on his iPhone as the boys blew out their birthday candles.

  5. Thanks KellyMelly! I will take that "nuh. uh."