Apr 30, 2011

House. Call.



Dollhouse picture in my hall. I used to have one almost exactly like it from my parents when I was eleven. It's still in my attic. Retro rotary phone below it. Got at a yard sale years ago. But it rings so incredibly loud that I have to leave it unhooked.


Kathleen called me near the end of her New York trip last week. Or was it week before last?

I sat on my front porch swing while she told me about running around Brooklyn and Manhattan. About going to brunches and bars. About Donny and Jeremy having one too many and then going to stalk Jason Schwarzman during a filming of his show that happened to be going down in the lobby of their building.

The evening she was calling me was Friday. They were just going to stay in. They walked down to the Target across the street and bought a jigsaw puzzle, per Donny's request. Of all their antics and city-seeing, I told her I wished that I was there that night.

We always do jigsaw puzzles together. Sometimes even two...
... or three in a row.

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