Apr 12, 2011

Running Like A Mother


So... I've sort of been "running." Like, for almost a year. It's been kind of a shameful secret (except to my neighbors who get to see me run by their houses every other day in giant mint green Forever 21 sunglasses being held together by safety pins and a purple sweatband, the tinny echo of Kanye and Beastie Boys and Fergie barely seeping out of my iPod earbuds as I have it cranked to full volume).

It's a guilty kind of admission, because I've always been an "indoor girl." The last time I ran anywhere was some fun run I convinced my dad to take me to at 5am in the morning with my then-best-friend, Patty, above.

Kathleen told me I pretty much did Couch to 5k without knowing it, since 3 miles without walking is now my standard and before I could only run half a block. Times I do take a walk break are a.) if I start crying during a sad song or even just a really cool song (it happens), b.) if I start thinking too hard about an ad campaign I'm working on, c.) if my elderly barely-four-foot-tall neighbor Dorothy literally throws herself in my path to gossip about our "hood," or d.) I have to blow my nose a lot (not from crying, like, from allergies.... or, er, okay crying. I tell Dorothy my face is sweating. On my cheeks. In a very specific track under my eyes. She's too short to tell the difference anyway.)

The deal was sealed back when I was only at about 2 miles running, followed by 1 mile walking, when I read the best book, Run Like A Mother, (isn't that a clever title?) on my Kindle during a plane trip a few months ago and I could not put it down. Not even when the captain told me to turn off all electronic personal devices. That pushed me over the edge to "just do it."

So if a weeping, indoorsy, trendy broke sunglasses wearing, Fergilicious mom doesn't make for one bad-ass Nike ad, I don't know what does.


  1. I've just started running within the past month. I'm following Couch to 5k and I love it. While I'm nowhere near ever considering myself a runner, I'm loving it--so liberating.

    I LOVE your blog, by the way. =)

  2. Yeah, I have to write "runner" in quotes, and say "runner" with those finger gesture quotes when I speak it out loud, because it kind of feels ridiculous. I've found that picking a series of songs that become your go-to thirty minute soundtrack (and make you feel like Run Lola Run) can help you get to the next level (i.e. the next block). Thanks for the blog love, Molly.

  3. Total coincidence that I posted about being a "runner" today too! More proof that we're more like twins rather than just sisters. 3 miles is badass - just think about how much more prepared you are for a zombie invasion now.

  4. Hey Tara, my name is Tori. I am a friend of Kathleen's (since we were in middle school). I found your blog through Kathleen's and have been an avid reader ever since. I always laugh out loud when I read your posts. I have always wanted to be a "runner". I have day fantasies about this, super ridiculous. Anyway, I read this post and it inspired me to finally start "running" (read: jog some, walk fast a whole lot). Just wanted to say thanks.

  5. Hey Tori, yes... I've heard about you. (That is not a loaded statement). I'm glad you like the blog, good luck with the running. I think I jinxed myself because the very week I posted this one, was the one I've had the least amount of time to run (read: also jog some walking fast on bad days, running on good days).