Apr 23, 2011

Sunday Dresses & Studio Portrait Smiles


This is why Kathleen and I never smile with our teeth anymore. We're trying to come back from it, though. It's only taken twenty years.



This is also back when we used to have Sunday dresses, Sunday suits. We're a family lapsed. Case in point: a phone call I got from my mom two Saturdays ago.

Mom: "Don't forget the boys Easter baskets when you come down this morning."
Me: "Mom! It's not Easter!"
Mom: "Well, I know that it's not until tomorrow..."
Me: "No, like it's not Easter. At all. Not for like two weeks!"
Mom: "Oh. I have to go unhide all the eggs in the yard. Click."

We're about to drive down to my parent's this morning. It really is Easter this time. We won't be wearing ribbons, or ruffled collars, or checkered suits. It's raining, so the egg hunt in the backyard might be a little muddy. We like to take turns rehiding the eggs until they're a cracked mess. Kathleen, it's your turn! Charlie, it's your turn! Mom (that's me now) it's your turn!

And we'll be smiling. Teeth and all.

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