Mar 3, 2011

Donny Vomit As Muse


So, not surprisingly, Donny... or I should say Donny Vomit really seems to capture peoples' imaginations. These are just a sampling of some of the creations various artists have made with him as their inspiration.

From left to right art by: Luma Rouge, Wyatt Terwilliger and, er... I don't know who did the last one (dang, it's my favorite, too) I'm so unprofessional. But I have to say, I don't think Donny has that much chest hair.


Of course, Donny Vomit has been depicted in a more official way on his namesake brew, Human Blockhead of The Coney Island Lager series by Shmaltz brewing. And every time I see his Coney Island sideshow banner stretched over the boardwalk I get goosebumps.

Seriously, my husband was playing the Grand Theft Auto the other night that's set in the "fake New York" and he's driving around Coney Island. So I direct him down a side alley, and boom, you can see the little video game Coney Island sideshow banners. I couldn't quite make out if one of them was Donny's but I pretend that it is. Then we go rob someone and carjack them. The perfectly-artsy Marie Roberts is famous for painting all the Coney Island banners. I wonder if she knows about the Grand Theft Auto game?

But I also just think it's funny to see all the other little mini-masterpieces from the professional to the, er, not-so-professional, that are floating around out there.

by Gal Stark Arad Kabiri

by Kenny Lombardi

by Melissa Belkin Presti (and one of the few before Donny grew his mustache!)

by Sharon S. Ma

What's weird is that Kathleen and I both mastered in fine arts. But I don't think either of us have actually ever done a, you know, a "rendered" Donny piece (designing his web site and mustache contest posters and wax tins don't count). We're kind of weird about our own art anyway. Like it's a parlor trick or something that we can just draw or paint or whatever. But it's not something we do. We like to save the parlor tricks for Donny.

And save the Donny art for... his most artsy fans.