Mar 16, 2011

Feeling Famousish



Usually Donny or Kathleen are getting press. But this month I've got my very own feature, okay, one page (pg. 21 to be exact), in MARCH magazine. It's for like lady-power-types like me. You know, because all the lady-power-types wear purple jeans and do all their work on Etch-A-Sketch. I just tried to channel Kathleen in this pose.



Kathleen only had to channel Kathleen when she was featured in the Glamour Weddings blog. Look! Kate Winslet and Kathleen are on the same page! Now, if that's not famousish, I don't know what is.



Even Donny got a bit part in Martha Stewart Weddings for officiating this really cool circus-sideshow-coney-themed wedding under the Brooklyn Bridge.

Look! Half his head! Martha herself picked out that shot, all Anna Wintour style. I bet there were like fifty pictures of half of Donny's head all pasted up on some stark backlit wall. Interns and art directors were crying. But in the end... an editorial masterpiece.


But usually Donny's editorials are of the counter-culture variety. I think this story was from Inked magazine. Martha's critical eye had no part in this meticulously crafted spread. She probably would tsk-tsk at the reversed out shadowed body copy type. She has standards, people, standards!

That's how she got to be a lady-power-type, you know. Like me.


  1. This is so randomly and outstandingly cool. Gah! The coolness just oozes from the familial DNA.

  2. Ha. Thanks Mollie. Oozing DNA sounds like the name of a band. Maybe we should start one of those.

  3. The first step in becoming famous-ish is to promote how famous-ish you are. Done and done.

    Next step is to pretend like you are famous-ish in all situations. Like when you're pumping gas - make sure you wear your oversized sunglasses and be on the lookout for paparazzi. WHY CAN'T THEY UNDERSTAND THAT WE'RE PEOPLE TOO!?

  4. Just awesome. I'm in awe of the amount of talent among the three of you. So inspiring!

  5. Aw... thanks for the awe, Jen. Get it? Aw.. awe!