Mar 8, 2011

Mixed Feelings 'Bout Missing Bath Time




So I'm on a three-day business trip for the advertising agency I work for. Travel is typically exciting and fun. Typically bath time at our house is exciting and fun, too. But with a seven-year old and two-year old left to their own devices in a tub (not completely neglected, we have a tiny house, we're right around the corner, okay just don't call social services)... exciting and fun can quickly turn into manic and/or a situation that could call for a home equity loan to repair our flooded bathroom.

But I can't complain. My husband actually always gives our kids their bath. In fact, they probably wouldn't get bathed if I had to remember when they were due a good scrubbing. He even blow dries their hair as they stand in the toweling down "station." Then he shuffles them down the hall to me, where I get them in their PJs, get those iPhones back in their little hands, and tuck them into their bunks.

We don't actually allow the iPhones in the bunks, but a few nights ago I did wake up to both the kids playing them at 4:30 am in top bunk, bottom bunk respectively. They were like children from another era with flashlights and comics... a tiny oasis of light in a dark bedroom (but with Angry Birds soundtracks.) Apparently Charlie stole them from their docks in the kitchen, but at least he was considerate enough to steal Sam's for him, too.






"Where's my phoooonnnne?"
(Sometimes he clarifies if I don't give him the "phoooone" and says "iiii-phone.")

They probably should invent one that goes in the water. (Hey, Apple folks, how 'bout now that you guys have the iPad 2 out, why don't you get started on that waterproof iPhone?) Meanwhile, I think I will enjoy the mixed blessing of being on the road, in my wonderfully lonely hotel room and take a bath all by un-manic – at least for the moment – self.


  1. Okay, so I just said that thing about taking a bath in the hotel because it was nice and poetic and had closure to the post...

    ... but taking baths in hotels kind of give me the heeby jeebies a little, so I will settle for a solitary shower. Just felt I had to reconcile that.

  2. Sam could totally give Megan Fox a run for her money in the ab department. Just sayin'.

  3. I take baths in our crusty old rental bathtub because I just love them that much.

  4. Sam and Megan Fox probably wear the same t-shirts.

    And, Ashley, rental bathtubs may be crusty, but at some point they still become "yours"... not the salesman's who just checked out 24 hours before you and may or may not have done who-knows-what in that tub.

  5. Ok because I read kathleens blog and because Im here because I followed from her blog and because Ive been reading her blog for a lon time now, I seriously thought you were posting pics from long ago and the first two were of Kathleen..Especially the 2nd picture I can see her face!!