Nov 17, 2011

Family Fridge




My family fridge is a constantly evolving documentation of our days. The summertime achievements have been taken down for the fall. But not everything changes. I mean the Bob's Appliance Repair calling card will probably stay up there at least another year at least after repairing our stove (we do live in a house from the 1930's and it's not like my husband or I are especially house-fixin' handy.)

So like good ol' Bob's card, there's the reminders and necessities like:
- cub scout calendars
- takeout phone numbers (Pizza House should be memorized, really, though)
- a free ticket to the movies I haven't redeemed

Typical stuff. But I try not to let it get to cluttered. Ha! What I mean is, I try not to let the functional overpower the, well... the cultural. The things on our fridge that capture our family's personality.

Like the art from the boys which I usually change out every week or so. Gallery-style. It's mostly daycare glue-and-fingerpaint projects from Sam, often involving a body part like a thumb or a foot (see butterfly above) or Charlie's drawings.

Charlie's drawings typically depict:
- what shows he's watching (Adventure Time With Jake & Finn above)
- what games he's playing (Castle Crashers below that)
- sometimes comic-book style stuff like a megalodon shark with a flamethrower

Sometimes he tries to visualize what he wants to happen in real life through art. For example, when his classmates were all asked to draw fall leaves, he drew a complex bridge-and-ladder, two tier treehouse scene, complete with Daddy, Charlie, Sam, Mommy, a fire pit, (oh, the actual pile of fall leaves) and even a root system underground where a little worm is checking out the action above. This is because he wants a treehouse. Hey, there's a strategy. But drawing it so complex is probably not winning the arguement with Chris, who would have to build it. Did I mention not exactly handy?

Then there's the actual magnets. Ones that look like:
- cartoon red u-shaped old-school magnets
- legos (my favorites)
- old milk top lids
- vintage typewriter keys
- and even ones that look like iPhone app icons

Sam loves to rearrange the app magnets, because he's iPhone/iPad obsessed. In fact it's becoming a problem. Not the app, game and online video obsession, really... just the fact that the megalodon flamethrower drawing keeps drooping down off the fridge where Sam has removed the You Tube icon magnet.

I don't have a lot of photos. But the ones I do, are tiny little gems.
- a photo booth strip of Kathleen and I from when she was just a teen
- a boat tour of Manhattan tourist pic with me, Dad and Donny (below)
- (it was freezing but also one of my favorite New York memories)
- and these hilarious fake-photos made by my husband, Chris

Chris actually made these for a big annual work event, where all the employees get a "character" card to match the theme of the event, and Chris photoshops together these clever, charming, silly vignettes for everyone. The Toy Story dinosaur one really makes Sam pause and look twice. The shark is a little disturbing. But did I say my husband wasn't fixin' things handy? I misspoke.



I love my fridge. And my family.


  1. This is wonderful! Eric (the husband) and I have very different "fridge mentalities." He likes it CLEAN with nothing on it, and I love this STUFF. So, we compromise (no kids yet here, so no kids stuff) with a magnet we got on our honeymoon which has our last name on it, the magnet from our Save the Date, and three little magnet letters we got on our first date which say E heart O. However...on the side of the fridge no one sees, we keep the photos, more magnets, phone numbers, etc. I love all that stuff--that's sociology of the family right there! (PS. Love Charlie's illustrations!)

  2. Ha. You are right Olivia, it is a sociology of a family. I'm sure your fridge will slowly evolve over time, too. Maybe the clutter will creep from the side over to the front. I'll tell Charlie you liked his drawings. He is fascinated by the blog, and loves being included.