Sep 1, 2011

Tara The Same. But Not The Same.


Things About Me That Are The Same As Always:

I drink a V8 from a can with a bendy straw every morning.
I read storybooks out loud.
I get irritated easily.
I have a husband with impressive hobbies.
I have kids who inherited mad video game skills.
I clean house to Mary Poppins songs.
I like to build Lego towers.
I like epic novels and commercials that make me cry.
I like scary movies, and show tunes.
I always remember the words.
I hang out with my parents every weekend.
I like to realize the things that have shaped me.

Things That Are Different About Me:

I started drinking coffee (a lot).
I started running (sometimes).
I started eating an apple a day.
I think perhaps I'm less cynical (but no less irritable).
I left the dream job that I had for fourteen years.
I started my own business with my sister (today).
I realize that I have yet to be completely shaped.
I think it's all those apples.
I just bit into something.
And now I just know.
Like when Donny hammered the first nail in his nose.
If he can do that, then I can do this.
And that's how I'm different.
But the same.
And glad that I'm not doing it alone.
Because my sister eats lots of apples, too.


Shelf of me.


Looking out at the here-to-come.


That's my Braid Creative & Consulting business card. (See the business card in stripedy pottery?) Kathleen talks more about our new adventure here. We're having an exciting day to say the least.


  1. Hooray and congratulations! This sounds like such an adventure. Y'all are clearly gonna do amazing things. So excited for you!

  2. Thanks Kathleen! I always think you're my Kathleen and am like "yeah, yeah" and then I'm like, wait, no, a real Kathleen! Ha. Thanks for the excitement and congrats!

  3. This is really cool. I'm thinking "sideshow" is going to be the next "hipster", because I'm tired of hipster and I want the next, best thing.

  4. Mollie, you are so clever... I mean, you are so "sideshow." I am going to start using that. Actually, I could never pull it off, but I am going to tell Donny and Kathleen to start using that. Ha. Thanks for being such a loyal reader (even while my stories have slowed down as of late). I should be ramping up again this fall.