Jul 12, 2011

Paper Plate To-Do Lists



This is what a to-do list looks like in the Thomas family. No, we don't just use paper plates to create our own post apocalyptic "bust-the-deal-face-the-wheel" tools of judgement. We also use them to remind us to get: "tickseed, tartar sauce, vice grips and squirrel food."

Our mom is really the one who invented this paper-plate planner system which is sure to be trendily re-designed for the masses and distributed in a cute Target office/day-planning/stationery aisle near you any day now, I'm sure.

But over the past week the paper plates have been multiplying at a frantic pace. Why? Well, because our parents have sold the house we've lived in for the past twenty years and are in the throes of getting the new house up to Thomas family standards. Pretty big deal. Lots of details. Many, many paper plates.

A perfect paper-plate example would be measurements for new curtains. Our mom is like a vampire, she cannot stand window glare, which is why Kathleen and I sang Cry Little Sister from Lost Boys to her all weekend. Plus, no one is cooking in all this chaos, so our dad is practically living off of Long John Silvers at this point (which is down the street in their new hood) and thus... extra tartar sauce is frankly, a must-have.

More to come on our clan's big move. Which involves mounting the boar's head, giving the dragons the perfect look-out point and trying to not freak out the neighborhood welcome committee.

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