Dec 29, 2010

A Simple Outing

Prepare to Embark. Er, yeah, down the street for a bite to eat.

Over the Christmas break and Donny's Christmas visit, we had lots of Christmasy times at our parents' house: opening gifts, grazing, scary movie watching, and doing like at least six jigsaw puzzles. (Seven if you count us redoing the Muppets jigsaw puzzle twice per Donny's suggestion, just to see if we could beat our time the second go 'round. Which we did.)

But a few days before all the holly jollying, and one day after Donny arrived in from New York, just the three of us went on a simple outing.


Even simpler, yet. Pizza. At our favorite local place.

No fuss, really.


Except Kathleen first has to figure out what to wear. Hmm, what to wear, what to wear on a late December day?


Ah, yes. As little as possible. Perfect. But now to track down her favorite pair of jeans.


In her scary basement-slash-laundry room. Now you don't see pics of that on her blog do you? That, my friends, is the creepy side of living in a quaint old house.


Back to the cute side. Put on a sweater. And now, a search for shoes. But where's Donny?


In the bathroom.


Where his backside is now properly taken care of.


But this mustache is not acceptable.


This is going to require a redo. And apparently a comb.


It seems like refixing your mustache is kind of like refixing your bangs. An equally annoying starting-over-sort-of-task.


Okay, now that's all taken care of. It's on to the bag. This is the leather saddle-style bag Donny lives out of when he is on the road. Everything in it's proper place. Socks in the left side pocket. Underwear in the right. What? I snooped while he was in the bathroom.


Kathleen has meanwhile added more layers. Wise choice. Donny is showing her his new leather gloves. She is properly reaffirming his stylish choice.


It's really mutual admiration all around at this point.


Then we set off. To The Wedge, our pizzeria of choice.

No photos at the table. That would just be impolite. But I can tell you that the lunch conversation, which would basically become the running joke of our entire Christmas break, is that Kathleen and Donny have decided they are "lactose intolerant." Notice the quote marks.

This did not stop them from eating every piece of pizza on their plates mind you, all while listing all the things they are now by choice "allergic" to. Including dairy, sugar, gluten and wheat. Now, this sounds like they are making fun. Which they are. Of themselves. Because they would both love to be allergic to all those things and be tragically thin due to no fault of their own.

These are the conversations people hear at neighboring tables and probably think that the Thomases are the most narcissistic ridiculous people. Because we are.

Oh, and Kathleen found her shoes.


Now, like I said, this was just a simple outing. Lunch. But there was an antique store just down the block I wanted to go to. So before we headed back to my house to eat Oreos, we stopped in. Don't ask me why Donny has picked up this baseball mitt. He knows absolutely nothing, nothing... and I mean, nothing about baseball.


Meanwhile, leave it to Kathleen to pick up some interesting reading.

Donny, by the way, is still in the background on the phone with a friend who has called him to ask if it is possible to swallow two swords at one time. Donny reassures him, "oh yeah, you can do that, no problem," but warns him "just don't stick them in one at a time, stick them in together, then pull them out one at a time, that's the way to do it... you know... without puncturing your esophagus."

Hey, Donny may have spent the entirety of his short lived stint on a t-ball team in the second grade in the outfield picking dandelions, but he knows his sword swallowing.

And these are the conversations people hear while we're browsing through their shop. Who think we are so, ha, ha, ahhh... charming. But strange. Because we are.


One more photo op with big baby in the statuary garden on the way out.


And lunch is convened. Just another day at the sideshow.


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  2. Donny might want to look up red hanky's on wikipedia under hanky code :O

  3. Also.

    Donny might know nothing about baseball but I know everything about sexual vigor. EVERYTHING.

    Bow chicka wow wow.

  4. I LOVE this! I know I say that all the time, but this entry was perfectly constructed. Kudos, Tara.

  5. Oh no! Does red hanky mean hanky panky? Don't tell me, I don't want to know.

    Miss Sexual Vigor, Kathleen on the other hand...

  6. I read both your and your sister's blogs, and something about following two complete strangers who are family and talk about two sides of the same life is a bit like sticking my nose to the glass of your living room window. Except not so creepy like that, you know? I wanted to tell you that I thoroughly enjoy your posts. They are always so entertaining and well put together.

  7. Thanks S.J. A very nice compliment indeed.