Dec 19, 2010

Merry. Merry.





Christmas has always meant going to our parents' house. And the weeks leading up to Christmas include breaking out the classic decorations we've been unpacking for twenty-five plus years: brown and olive skinned wise men figurines, mossy nativity scenes, porcelain candlestick holders that spell N-O-E-L.

This year I feel like I am starting to establish our own Christmas trimming traditions. A little more of the Babes In Toyland variety. Vintage candy tree ornaments, wooden popcorn and berries, lots of snowflakes and snowmen. Not so happy birthday Jesus... true. More like happy birthday Burl Ives or Willy Wonka.




I really love my little neighborhood at the holidays. Especially when it snows. Though in Oklahoma that usually doesn't happen until after Christmas. When you grow up in the suburbs built circa 1980, you kind of go ga-ga for houses of the 1930's variety.

Our neighbors (Mr. Scott and Mr. Ray who also go ga-ga for houses of the 1930's variety for other inherent reasons) have these awesome berry bushes that border our driveway. They look highly poisonous, thus irresistible. So I always want to eat one when I pass by. And perhaps also feed them to my children. Willy Wonka would approve. Burl Ives would sing. And maybe Jesus would still save us.


  1. I'm definitely hitting up the after Christmas sales to bulk up on decorations. I think I've got about 4 pieces of holiday flair at the moment in my home, and that includes the tree. Pitiful.

  2. Thrift stores can be a good place to get unusual vintage finds. That's where I got that plastic lifesaver candy garland. I had actually been looking for it for over a year or two, remembering my dad's mom had had some similar when I was really little. I finally found I whole paper bag of it at an antique store in Norman, for cheap. Of course, now, five years later, you can find reproductions of it now that sort of thing is popular again.

  3. Happy holidays! The decorations look great.